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Saturday, February 24, 2018

about bb

Barley Broad was born to fulfill a desire to teach. The world of good beer can be an intimidating space. This website is designed to help navigate the bubbly waters of beer and the beer industry.

Barley Broad provides opinions, educational material, and relevant news to help good beer drinkers become great beer drinkers. Here at Barley Broad, we believe that everyone should drink what they like. We’re just here to offer the tools to make smart beer choices.

We embrace the fact that beer drinkers are as diverse as the beers we enjoy. Barley Broad supports inclusivity and the equal treatment of all who imbibe in good beer.

We will never discriminate based on experience. Barley Broad welcomes novice beer drinkers and advanced industry contributors alike. Intolerance will not be tolerated (unless its alcohol intolerance because, hey, we’ve all been there).

We love beer. We strive to celebrate the people who make, sell, and drink it while having some laughs along the way.  Because isn’t that what beer is all about?


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